MBBS in Russia is popular among Indian Students in 2024

MBBS in Russia has always been a popular destination for Indian medical candidates who wish to study abroad. Russia has become a popular destination for MBBS students due to its high academic standards, affordable tuition rates, and high quality of education.

The MBBS program in Russia lasts six years, and the Instruction is in English. Additionally, the main goal of the curriculum is to give students the theoretical and practical skills they will need to be great doctors. The course also includes clinical rotations, which allow students to acquire practical experience in a variety of medical specialties.

Some of the most prominent Russian universities for Indian medical students include:

  • Kazan State Medical University, established in 1804, is one of Russia’s oldest and most esteemed universities. KSMU offers a six-year MBBS programme that is conducted in English and holds international recognition for its degrees.
  • Bashkir State Medical University is a government-funded institution. It offers a six-year MBBS program taught in English. WHO and MCI both recognize the university.
  • Tambov State Medical University is a government university located in the city of Tambov. It is low-budget and one of the best FMGE-performing universities in Russia. It also provides a six-year MBBS program in English.
  • The Orenburg State University of Russia is a government-funded institution that offers a six-year MBBS program taught in English. WHO and MCI both recognize the university.
  • Northern State Medical University is among Russia’s earliest and most prestigious medical schools. The National Medical Commission and the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognise it. The university provides a six-year MBBS program taught in English.

You can also watch our Top 5 Medical universities video below to know the information in detail.

Top 5 Medical Universities in Russia

You can also visit our videos page to find more related videos on MBBS in Abroad countries. Many Medical schools in Russia offer quality education and are recognized internationally. Prior to applying to any university, it is necessary to verify its accreditation and recognition by the National Medical Commission and the World Health Organisation.

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